Neck Profile Router Bit - Gibson D
  • Neck Profile Router Bit - Gibson D

Gibson D - Neck Profile Router Bit

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Custom Designed & Made Guitar Neck Profile Bit


This is the new replacement for the older Slim D profile bit. 

Over the past few years, the profile bits have become increasingly popular and the original inception of bits was to give luthiers a bit that would give an approximation of a profile whilst shaping the entire neck, something which could not be achieved with the 3/4" or 1" round-overs people were using. However, following the development of the Soft V and recently the Wizard profile bits it became clear that a profiled C bit was required and here it is! 

Unlike the older Slim D bit - this bit is a specifically designed profile bit which is modelled on the Late 50s/Early 60s Gibson D profile. This isn't any old rollover bit - this profile is made up of numerous radii painstakingly mapped to the profile to get as close as possible profile to the famous Gibson D profile. So allowing profiling of the guitar necks to accurate repeatable profiles in seconds not hours!

For best results, a jig giving a 0.05"variance between the 1st and 12th fret will give the most accurate Fender style neck.

Terry @ DaVinci Custom Guitars shaping a neck in Less than 3 minutes using one of the SJE profiling bits: