Single Hafco T13S/Carbatec CT-330X/TH-BX330P/40200H/40300H/BX150P/BX200P Inserts

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K01 carbide inserts for Accu-Head Equipped Thicknessers - Hafco T13S, Carbatec 13" (CT330X/TH-BX330P, 40200H and 40300H) and  or Cutech spiral cutter such as the JN-BX150P and JN-BX200P Carbatec jointers.

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These are custom made Carbide inserts/blades suitable for all thicknesser with the Accu-Head spiral head. These are sold by Hafco as the T13S, Carbatec as the 13" Spiral Head thicknesser (CT330X, TH-BX330P, 40200H and 40300H) and any thicknesser with the Accu-head spiral cutter.

If you've manage to break one or just want a few spare inserts then you no longer need to buy a full set - I hold a limited stock of spares since I usually order my stock in multiples of 26 - but what spares I have I will make available for purchase.

K01 Carbide is one of the hardest available carbides and is excellent for providing fine finishes to even the hardest of woods. As you will see in the video the K01 blades make easy work of even the hardest hardwoods.

The blade provided as per the picture has two cutting faces with the indexing dot. 

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