CTS Shelix Cutterhead K01 Carbide Blades/Knives/Inserts
  • CTS Shelix Cutterhead K01 Carbide Blades/Knives/Inserts

15x15x2.5R150mm - 37º - Sherwood Helical Head Inserts

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15mm x15mm x2.5mm r150 - 37º Cutting Face - exclusively for use with the Sherwood Helical Head

Please note the price is 1 insert - not a pack of 10.

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US Prices now available in Australia! 

4 Cutter Replacement Carbide Inserts for your Sherwood Helical cutter heads - these inserts are 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm, have a 37º cutting face with a 150mm Radius and have a 4R0.5mm on each corner. 

K01 carbide gives the best results for working with even the hardest woods - and not only is the K01 carbide one of the hard grades of carbide available it's also one of the finest which provides the smoothest of cuts.

NOTE: If you intended to order less than 10 Inserts please choose the specific shipping option on check out - However they will NOT be shipped in a plastic container - this allows my to send them as a Letter and keeps the shipping cost down.  

If you want less than 10 inserts and shipped in the plastic container then please choose the usual Parcel Post - these option are because AusPost letter cannot be over 20mm and an insert box is 21.5 at the narrowest alone without the padded envelope. 

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