• Fretboard Radius Bits

    Available in all size from 7.25" to 24"

  • Neck Profiling Bits

    Fat D, Slim D and C & Soft V Neck profiles Now Available 

  • Carbide Inserts

    Carbide Inserts Available for most Spiral Heads including Felder, Accu-Head, CTS, Byrd

SJE Tools is now on Amazon Prime

I've mention this on Facebook but I slowly making products available in the US via Amazon Prime so removing the week or so shipping from Australia! 

Initially I've made 3 types of the thicknesser/planer inserts available - so if you visiting from the US looking for inserts please order via Amazon:

Steel City 40200H/40300H Accu-head thicknessers

Byrd Shelix Head Inserts

Grizzly T21348 JT Replacements

For those in Australia please ensure you specify your State when filling out the address.  The site uses the State to calculate the postage - so if you do not specify your State you will receive and error says there is No Carrier Available at check out. 

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