• Fretboard Radius Bits

    Available in all size from 7.25" to 24"

  • Neck Profiling Bits

    Fat D, Slim D and C & Soft V Neck profiles Now Available 

  • Carbide Inserts

    Carbide Inserts Available for most Spiral Heads including Felder, Accu-Head, CTS, Byrd

SJE Tools is now on Amazon Prime

I've mention this on Facebook but I slowly making products available in the US via Amazon Prime so removing the week or so shipping from Australia! 

Initially I've made 3 types of the thicknesser/planer inserts available - so if you visiting from the US looking for inserts please order via Amazon:

Steel City 40200H/40300H Accu-head thicknessers

Byrd Shelix Head Inserts

Grizzly T21348 JT Replacements

Australia Customers: 

The Carbatec 330CTX and Hafco T13S inserts will be back in stock anda available on Tuesday.



Australian Postage + Phone No. Now Mandatory

For those in Australia please ensure you specify your State when filling out the address.  The site uses the State to calculate the postage - so if you do not specify your State you will receive and error says there is No Carrier Available at check out. 

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