• Fretboard Radius Bits

  • Neck Profiling Bits

    Modern C, Soft V and Wizard Neck profiles Now Available 

  • Carbide Inserts

    Carbide Inserts Available for most Spiral Heads including Felder, Accu-Head, CTS, Byrd

Link: SJE-Tools on Amazon

Wow - time flies when you are so damn busy! Some things on going and so many small things to do - such as posting on Facebook! I still have some half finished videos . . . and various other things on-going! For those wondering when the profile bits will be available again - both the Wizard, Soft V and Modern C will all be back in stock in a couple of week time.
The Slim D is under-going maintenance - aka - being redesigned into a Gibson D shape . . . this is however proving somewhat difficult to create the design due to lack of scale diagrams of the profile on the Interweb . . . if anyone knows of any please do let me know. :)
I will keep you posted on progress (when I remember!)

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